The Chicken egg is the Key (continued)

Yes, its true my last blog was in fact a riddle, a message hidden in plain sight.

I am dyslexic not to mention, I have a terrible grasp on spelling. In this strange battle of backward sentences that mostly have been incorrectly spelt, I used to try improve my skills and have a little fun  by  passing  hidden messages that anyone could read and apart from thinking that I had totally lost the plot or had become deeply philosophical my hidden message would be safe from prying eyes. Only the intended recipient who understood my warped mind would see the true meaning. I have used a multitude of different keys and clues to show there was in fact a hidden message or double meaning.

The things we do to amuse ourselves at times!!!!

I have learnt the hard way to read between the lines at times, not to mention even though it is incredibly tough for me to write a blog or even something as simple as text people. The written language is in fact a fun and immensely powerful tool.

The Riddle:
The age old question what came first the chicken or the egg…..
With regards to evolution this is a easy question indeed hence I made it the key. Chickens , in fact all birds for that matter evolved from reptiles. Reptiles lay eggs so it is clear that the egg came before the chicken.
If the egg is the key and its the third word in the sentence (THE CHICKEN EGG IS THE KEY) that should mean that it is possible, it is the amount of letters in the first word of each sentence will give you the keywords in order (making  up a complete sentence) . Wow, I hope this is clear.
If you apply this you should land up with…

Congratulations Petra you cracked it. Well done indeed.
For all our sakes I wont do this again as it has been a trying few days.
I apply this type of thinking to all my challenges in life. If you start with a good positive mindset then make it a challenge. I find that what seems like an  impossible task can be made much more achievable and pleasant. Who knows it could even be fun!


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