Simplicity is the key

Dan & I came back from Cape Agulhas last week. It was a much needed getaway for the two of us & great weekend away. 

I am amazed at how each vacation we do together is kept incredibly simple with regard to planning, packing & our exploring. We do what we feel as we feel. The amazing thing about all of this is we always seem to have the best times together and the best holidays I have had is with Dan. 

Reason being… life and all that surrounds it is kept very simple. No extra drama or fuss. That is truly the key to less stress when it comes to enjoying yourself, the company you in and the environment that surrounds you. 

Dan & I aim to keep our lives as stress free as possible, not in a weird sense but quite literally life is far happier without all the stress.


What is that!


I have had a few people ask me what is that picture we use as our header image.

I was lucky enough to get a few pictures of this very shy chap whilst swimming not far from my house. These are some of my favorites from that day.

This is an Argonaut or more commonly known as a Nautilus. We sometimes find the shell on the beach also commonly known as a Paper Nautilus. This was the first and only time I have ever seen one alive. I managed to stay with him/her for some time till I was so cold I could no longer hold or focus the camera.


I reluctantly returned to the shore but I was lucky enough to get a few interesting pictures in the end. This event only adds to my mantra, you never know what you may find if you take the time to look.



Winter Comforts …

I am not a fan of winter I must say. Cold, grim days & wet weather is not my friend. However there are some highlights to Winter. One of my first & foremost is the fact you get to have wholesome homemade soups with great hot baked bread & lashings of butter! Hmm.

Below is a Pumpkin, Chili & Ginger soup that I made with shavings of Garlic & croutons making for a delicious topping. Accompanying it I had some cheesy bread sticks!

Pop a comment if you would like me to share my recipe with you. Its one soup that clears all the cobwebs, sinus & will fend off any colds & flu to see you through the Winter sick free!


soup winter