Sundays Are Fun Days

Photos: (Top Left) Sunrise from Ou Kaapse Weg en route to Hout Bay. (Top Right) Hout Bay beach prior to my race starting. (Bottom) Flying our kite in Simonstown.

This past Sunday it really dawned on me yet again, that I live in such an amazing part of the world. It was a beautiful morning with a slight breeze in the air. I woke up at 05h00 and drove through to Hout Bay to take part in the Chappies Challenge 2017 half marathon. It was a fantastic run with great scenery and wildlife included! While runnin I managed to spot a Southern Right Whale off Noordhoek Beach. It was my highest elevation climb of 747m and I finished the race with a good time of 2 hours 13 minutes before the heat of the day settled in.

The wind was howling when I got back to Simonstown which made any outdoor activity reasonably unbearable. Until Dan said he had fixed a little kite which he managed to pick up for a few Rand at a garage sale. I had never flown a kite and so was curious to see how it was going to handle the gale force winds. I drove down to the green common to see Dan  successfully flying it. It looked beautiful against the blue sky, as it’s an unusual siting, to see someone flying a kite these days. 

I had never had the opportunity of flying a one & Dan showed me a few tips & tricks of the trade. As I burst out with great laughter, I managed to dive bomb it to the ground leaving the kite with additional tatters and threads! Yet it managed to fly and what great fun we had! 2 hours later I realised Dan & I had such great fun in flying it & it was something so unusual to do. We had so many laughs while trying to keep this little toy flying, eventually calling it a day when it looked more like a torn and shredded plastic bag on a barbwire fence than anything fit for purpose.

Absolute bliss and what a great day I had especially when people were complaining about the wind. Best thing is I hardly noticed the wind & loved every minute.

Whilst we were goofing around Dan said that he felt a bit bad that he did not join and or support me on my run, As I had noticed a few significant others joining in had and I mentioned  it in passing.

With this in mind,

So this is actually directed at Dan and I am sure he will laugh when he reads this.

DAN !!!

I have entered you into three races coming up over the next month or so. A night trail run, not to long (we can camp the night before) … just to warm you up for the IMPI challenege which is an obstacle race. This of course will all be in preparation for a little triathlon. Not all out road races but a nice compromise, something I am sure you will enjoy. I will give you all the details once you have read this….So your in… GREAT.

Exciting times lay ahead.


6 thoughts on “Sundays Are Fun Days

    • Hello Paz.
      Hope you doing well.
      Ummm yes. This is going to be interesting. Well I believe in doing what I say so best I cowboy up and do it. Ha Ha. I can promise you one thing….. its not going to be pretty.
      Fiona is a cheeky monkey but…. Challenge accepted. Keep well my friend and thanks for the wishes, I will need it. Dan

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