Prince Albert

Prince Albert. A beautiful quaint town approximately 5 hours from Cape Town near Oudshoorn in the Karoo. Every sunset is a new one and no two sunsets are really alike. The beautiful colours reflecting onto the mountains look like an oil painting and photographs certainly don’t do them any justice! 

The main street has great shops and delicious local restaurants all of which I have sampled and can highly recommend. 

A place not to be missed is the local dairy. You are able to stock up your fresh full cream milk supply as well as purchase delicious cheeses. Upon visiting the dairy these beautiful animals below were waiting to get their fringes and bottoms sheared and neatened up. In 6 months time their wool will be sheared and taken to Port Elizabeth to get treated and sold.

I don’t want to flood my blog with places of interest as I feel it is a place you need to go and explore for yourself. I hope to return there in the near future and have already spotted a half marathon that takes place through the beautiful pass of Meiringspoort.


2 thoughts on “Prince Albert

    • Hey Paz! Great comment & like the “we” there but I am sure Dan was thankful that I was in Prince Albert with my mom when I heard about this marathon. I won’t sign him up to that he may just murder me! Instead I am sure he will be keen on a road trip and weekend away while I run the race 😉 . Always great hearing from you. Hope you are doing well. Fiona

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