The Chicken egg is the Key

Life is short if you waste moments.
U will never be able to appreciate the extraordinary if you can’t embrace the mundane.
Only if you can truly believe it is impossible is it worth the effort.
What if you read that which is immediately apparent to only be left wanting.
Give up on this existential rat race.
If u don’t stand for something you will fall for everything.
We should all make the effort to effect change.
We leave no stone unturned in the quests ahead.
Never give up on me as I never will.
A question is not a dirty word or a personal slight.
Pure focus and a bit of understanding will relinquish us from the shackles of inevitable self-destruction.
If comment is necessary let it at least be constructive.


2 thoughts on “The Chicken egg is the Key

  1. OK – Reversed all points as in the egg is before the chicken making this somewhat complex – “the answer is out there you just have to find it” echoed continually. Started from scratch with a minimal amount of outside assistance & discussion (!!!) & came to see that the egg is first namely first word. If you count the letters of the first word and apply it to the point, an appropriate word will appear – ignore the red herrings. Result : “If you can read u should leave me a comment” Do another one….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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