Going Down Under, but wont be returning as a Sheila!!

I left Cape Town on 14 November at 14:30 after being delayed by 30 minutes without an explanation as to what the cause was. I boarded my flight to Johannesburg along with a couple of hundred of people all packed in and herded like cattle. I was seated next to two seemingly young & sweet ladies, however I should have realised that you never can judge someone by their external appearance. They must have been what I can only describe as the two World’s Bitchiest girls Earth could have produced, from demanding a seat change next to the fire exit to trying to pay for in flight food with Euros which is not accepted. All of this because they are flight attendants for an European Airline. I bit my tongue for the 2 hour flight hoping I was not going to be put in  similar situation for my Australian flight to Sydney. I breathed a sigh of relief when I checked in, passing all security checks without a glitch! 11 and half hours later I have successfully landed in Sydney & am now in Bowral.

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