Boys Toys

I have not been blogging much as of late. The festive season is approaching, so the roads are getting busy with tourists and holiday makers. As this time of year is synonymous with bad driving, we have decided to stay at home, doing chores around the house etc. We have already planned and booked a great 2 week hike and tour for the new year (I am really looking forward to that).

One of the not so exciting jobs I had lined up was cleaning up of the yard and shed. Whew not a task for the faint of heart. Whilst going through some of the boxes in the shed I came across parts for my bike. Lots of bits and pieces stashed all over the place (I have a very complex hmm storage system).

I think I have a far better idea! Lets re-build the bike. This way I can empty boxes fix stuff and clean up all at the same time. I think it took about 30 seconds for me to convince myself how brilliant of an idea that was. I shock myself at times.

The old girl has been mothballed for a good few years and was definitely starting to show the ravages of time. The tires had gone brittle and had lots of side wall cracks. Pipes were perished, HT leads and wiring were eaten by a local mouse family, the battery was toast and the injectors along with the fuel system were gummed up….. the list goes on and on.

It was clear that I had to strip her down then hang her from the roof beams by her frame. I have no choice anymore but to go through every part.


She is almost a teenager.  As far as bike years go that is equivalent to being a senior citizen.I am going to try to bring her look a bit more towards modernity.

It has been quite a challenge but a really rewarding experience, as I have very limited tools and a half paved driveway, so nothing fancy can be fabricated, but we will try. Sand and grit will find its way onto any important component if you not vigilant, not to mention any dropped bolt or nut is lost for eternity.

New shoes (tires), a homemade 2 into 1 exhaust system, a modified sub-frame, fuel system overhaul, new battery, wiring repairs and updates etc. Moral of the story.

We have a running machine.


On my “Test runs” I was  very happy to see that this old girl can still turn heads at the traffic lights.


Now all that is left is bright work  (Electro plating of the rusty bits etc)

Oh yes… I still need to finish cleaning that shed!!

Thank you for reading


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