A Touch of Vintage…


I am not sure about you, but I am in love with vintage & antique collectables. I have the ability to browse vintage shops for many hours, submersing myself in the beauty of all the items we seldom see in every day use in current society. I am fascinated with the design and pride people took in looking after their items and am always amazed at how antiques are able to out live their owners and carry such rich history.

I have a ‘bottom drawer’ in which I am slowly putting together items that will one day fill my own home. It is not easy deciding what piece to buy to add to my collection however I try to keep to a theme and resist the urge of buying junk! This is not easy though especially when you are in a buying mood! Every so often I buy a few memorable items when traveling something that will add character and have function when in my own home.


Today these beautiful cake forks became mine,  adding them to my ‘bottom drawer’. Something different. I often find not many people use cake forks these days & in the future they may become an unusual item to find, at the rate technology is moving and shaping the world and society!

I do look forward to the day I am able to unpack my ‘bottom drawer’ and display all the items I have collected over the years in my home. Each telling a story of their own.

I would love to hear if any of you have a ‘bottom drawer’ or collect antiques.


9 thoughts on “A Touch of Vintage…

  1. I have such a love for old things. Things of the past, of my grandfather’s day, of my mother’s life. I have such emotional attachments to old things, it is my downfall. No matter what the item, I cannot bring myself to be the person that retires an item from the world forever.
    Someday, the weight of the attic will bury me.
    And I will sleep with great comfort.

    Seek peace,


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    • Hey Paz, thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it. I love your writing and response to my blog. I can agree with you and likewise find myself getting so emotionally attached to even simply things such as paper decorations from an evening out or concert tickets etc. Then this attachment grows relative to the size and sentimental value of the item in question. I also can never retire an item from the world, especially when it may be steeped in rich history and have so many tales to tell. Love your concluding words so very true indeed. Have a wonderful week Paz. Fiona

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  2. I absolutely love Vintage/Antique! but I am not a collector (yet). I do however still wear a jersey that belonged to my grandfather who passed away before I was born and I’m 41 years old. I have an engraved suitcase which a lady brought over when she fled Germany during the war with some newspaper clippings but she’s senile so can’t remember whose initials are on the suitcase. Recently rented a house in Hermanus and most of the furniture were antique!!! If I didn’t have built in cupboards, I would have taken my mom’s Imbuia furniture.
    Also, our end of year function was vintage themed and absolutely loved it!

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    • Wow that’s absolutely special how you able to wear a jersey with such history and sentimental value to it. Sure was made with good quality material! I am fascinated with the story of your suitcase. Again an item we seldom see let alone in use these days. You may say you not a collector however you sure hold some special and unique items! I see you collecting some great pieces in the future.
      Great theme for an end of year function. Very fun and when planning the decor for vintage one is able to go absolutely wild while still fitting in with the theme. Thank you for such a great comment. Much appreciated. Fiona

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