Love is all around us in different forms …


2017-05-10 10.52.12

I took this image early one Winter’s morning in an informal settlement near to where I live. The air was cold and still. Inside the home, the mood was sombre. The family had just been told that their “utatomkhulu” (isiXhosa for grandfather) had just passed away.

I couldn’t help but notice the family’s beloved dog who slept outside beside the shack on a dilapidated yet warm and soft couch with a water bowl placed on the damp sand below him.

It really showed me that even in impoverished areas, where extreme and difficult situations are a part of daily life, there is a huge amount of love for those that are cared for. It doesn’t matter how hard things may be, you should always be able to love and be loved!

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2 thoughts on “Love is all around us in different forms …

  1. I would be interested to see what sort of legislation surrounds using those individuals in prison facilities for studies in today’s society. Would you consider all prisoners “lower class” individuals? It’s not just blacks and uneducated people who are behind prison walls (in today’s society or back then). Consider also that rapists, murders and thieves dwell th&8;e#r230eas well as husbands, brothers, fathers (sisters, mothers, wives)..If you were the researcher, how would you react to the opportunity to test your experiment upon prisoners? Which stance would you take?

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    • Hello Jayden
      I am sorry for the tardy reply, your comment seems to have been lost in my spam mail.
      I am not sure if that comment was related to How Free Are You, Or if it was meant for this post as well as if it was meant for Fiona or I. ( Dan). However I will reply if that is ok.
      In my opinion being in prison does not automatically label a person as lower class. All types of people get incarcerated for various reasons. I think it would be pertinent to always remember that every inmate is a person with there own unique story and background. Not to mention the “Crime they committed” can vary from petty theft, murder all the way to political views. To label an entire population of inmates in any facility would be naïve and lazy. Depending on the research one was to undertake one would have to go through a screening process to obtain reliable results for that specific group. What type of research would you be talking about? The definition of a “crime” or breaking the law in itself can be a very debated topic depending on the offence itself.

      I hope this answers you question, This is a very interesting and vast topic that has many streams one could look into.
      If you have any further questions you can also mail me directly. My mail address is on the site under contact us.

      Thank you for the interesting comment/question. I really do enjoy hearing peoples views on various issues.


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