No one likes a bully. I must admit I have not thought about my school bullies in years. I did not even know it was still a thing these days. No matter what the underlying reason is, everyone is responsible for their behaviour. Bullying is very destructive and it can have huge ramifications on ones formative years. I do know one thing though. No matter how strong or intimidating your bully is at this moment, they all started some where. They all had moments when they were small and weak, they even had a moment when they looked silly.


I recently read a post from a fellow blogger who is trying to raise awareness about this problem. Please feel free to stop in at his blog and offer your comments and or support at  The Ordinary Compass https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/109499141/posts/1690 

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6 thoughts on “Bullies

  1. 🙂 Point understood – concise, constructive and very well illustrated!!! A thought. Social media has lots of positive aspects, however it has also given bullying a rather sinister outlet that has devastating effect with particular reference to scholars and schools. Possibly a free, user friendly, location specific (?) platform designed for learners who could access it for guidance/support/anonymous reporting by silent bystanders etc. In instances I am aware of, mostly the parents have had to intervene after the damage is done – it may assist learners to be able to have info readily accessible immediately to stop and/or negate the effects of a would be bully…….

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