Winter sunsets, a canvas of colour!

There is something quite magical about Winter sunsets in False Bay, Cape Town.

It is getting rather chilly here at night with few days of rain which we are extremely grateful to be having as we are in an extreme water shortage at the moment.

This was our sunset last night (Sunday) and just couldn’t resist sharing it on the blog! Would be great to see some sunsets from across the world, so if you like please feel free to share them with us and where it was taken!

P.s please excuse me I had to take these photographs with my cellphone as I didn’t have my camera with me and just wanted to be able to capture the wonderful moment of colours upon the sky before they left!


Winter Comforts …

I am not a fan of winter I must say. Cold, grim days & wet weather is not my friend. However there are some highlights to Winter. One of my first & foremost is the fact you get to have wholesome homemade soups with great hot baked bread & lashings of butter! Hmm.

Below is a Pumpkin, Chili & Ginger soup that I made with shavings of Garlic & croutons making for a delicious topping. Accompanying it I had some cheesy bread sticks!

Pop a comment if you would like me to share my recipe with you. Its one soup that clears all the cobwebs, sinus & will fend off any colds & flu to see you through the Winter sick free!


soup winter