Hitchhiker Blues

Everyone has been told at some stage never to speak to strangers and never to pick up a hitchhiker. Fiona and I tend to avoid this type of thing but a few days ago it could not be helped.

Driving slowly looking for a place to swim we noticed a thud in the back of the truck. Typical.. No thumb out.. No please would you mind , just jumped in expecting a free ride. Your kidding me . I must say this is not the first time this has happened but I was not going to get out and argue.


How dare he. The arrogance of it all. How does he know we are going the same way !

I  laughed and said to Fi, I should ask him if he would like a coffee and the New York Times. Prince charming did not seem impressed with the ride quality nor was he interested in small talk with us.

It seemed like he had other things planned. He invited a special friend along for the ride. Even though I have tinted windows, he knew we could see the shenanigans in the back.

He was not bothered in the least. I was starting to understand what late shift taxi drivers may have to deal with. Things were starting to get  festive.


I know ,  in the back of my car at the beach!  Who would believe that story. Needless to say once he had… ummm done his thing , I was given the signal to stop and the two secretive  lovers pulled themselves together then  politely disembarked. You guessed it, I did not get a tip, not even a Thank You. How rude!

Fiona and I did eventually get to our lunch and swim, Even though I cant stand the pictures of food thing. I thought I would just add a snap shot of our lunch in to clean this post up a bit.


This place never ceases to amaze me. Just another simple day at the beach.

Thank you for reading






13 thoughts on “Hitchhiker Blues

    • Hey Josh. Without sounding all amazing we personally have never had issues with them. We have had many lunches on the grass amongst a troop with no issues. Fiona even held a juveniles hand whilst hiking in the hills. We know a lot of them by name and we have a very close bond with them. They are truly amazing animals But sadly many a tourist has had their cars raided cameras smashed and food stolen. These guys are a lot smarter than people give them credit for. This sometimes is a problem in itself. Than you for the comment. Dan

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      • It’s good to hear that you two get on well with the local baboons. The negative encounters you talk about at the end of your comment are the ones I’ve heard about, probably because they make for better press than peaceful coexistence. It’s good to be reminded of the positive aspects of baboons too.


  1. Ha ha! I was once driving south to the Gulf of Mexico, pulled over to sleep a bit in a rest area, woke up a couple of hours later in the middle of the night and looked in the back of the truck to see a large cat sitting in the seat of my kayak that was tied down in the truck bed.

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