Winter Comforts …

I am not a fan of winter I must say. Cold, grim days & wet weather is not my friend. However there are some highlights to Winter. One of my first & foremost is the fact you get to have wholesome homemade soups with great hot baked bread & lashings of butter! Hmm.

Below is a Pumpkin, Chili & Ginger soup that I made with shavings of Garlic & croutons making for a delicious topping. Accompanying it I had some cheesy bread sticks!

Pop a comment if you would like me to share my recipe with you. Its one soup that clears all the cobwebs, sinus & will fend off any colds & flu to see you through the Winter sick free!


soup winter

7 thoughts on “Winter Comforts …

  1. Mmmmmmm yes please ….even tho it’s summer at the moment here I am big into delicious nourishing foods just now and collecting recipes …this one would indeed be lovely for when the dark nights draw in again 🙂

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  2. Hi, I found my way to your blog when you liked my comment of that beautiful and secret place in northern Africa.
    What is that beautiful shell ? in your header, its colours are great, almost the same as amber.
    We are just living the last real summer month, so you must be on the other side of this planet.
    Have a warm weekend!

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    • Hello Kristiina, The blog Winter Comforts was written by Fiona. We share this blog so we can both write about the things we enjoy as well as express our different views on various subjects. I was lucky enough to take this picture while swimming in our area. It is a Argonaut or more commonly known as a Paper Nautilus.(The shell) It is very rare in our area and its the first time I have ever seen one alive. I normally only find the broken shells washed up on the beach. It is one of those moments I will not forget so I decided to use one of the pictures for our header. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Its very much appreciated. Dan

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