No Place Like Home


An old friend of Fiona’s popped in for a weekend visit.  As the water is very dirty at the moment,  we skipped the usual swim and decided to go on a hike instead.  She took this very cheeky picture of me having a rest at the top of the mountain.  I have often toyed with the idea of leaving this place.  Funny thing is, when she snapped this shot I was thinking, There is really no place like home.  South Africa is not just a place, its a state of mind, its a way of life.  We must make this work, we will find a way.


2 thoughts on “No Place Like Home

    • Hello. Thank you very much for the kind words. Its always great to get feedback from fellow bloggers. I am not sure what this award is or what it means but I will definitely go have a look. Never the less we are very flattered that you had us in mind for this nomination. Thank you. Dan

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