The Anatomy of Friendship

F Ranger

A little while ago, I was faced with tough choice. I had to decide on and if I should part with some cash.

This is a strange one so if you can bear with me a bit I will try explain.

I was recently offered R 55 000 cash for my Bakkie (Truck in American). This came at an unexpected time as my tires were getting to the stage where all 5 needed replacement (4 + 1 spare). I was hoping to get a few more months out of them, but they were becoming a liability. First I looked at it from a financial point of view, working out if it was better just to take the cash from the sale and move on or to keep the vehicle, as I know what problems there are. The devil you know scenario. I have no real brand alliance nor do I believe that any one manufacturer can only produce great products or visa versa. But this is not about a brand so lets move on.

This offer to purchase forced me to look at the hard facts and try make the clever choice. (Not forgetting a short list of modifications that include, upgraded stronger suspension, upgraded inter cooler, boost pressure as well as fueling mods and for a short time, water injection.) Due to the fact that its no longer needed and that the miles are adding up, I have wound back the performance and tune as I need.

Looking at this purely from a financial standpoint is all good and dandy, but there is a different more complicated way of doings this that must also be factored in. The human factor. This got me thinking. Is it at all possible to become attached to a inanimate object? This led me to think of some of the things that we have seen or done together.

Over 500 000Km traveled on everything from dirt, grass, mud, mountain passes and city roads. Witnessed countless sunrises and sunsets together. At least 250 meals eaten in the drivers seat, towed and jump started more cars than I care to mention. Waded through a river with water flowing over my floor pans. Been stuck sump deep in mud and sand. Been crucial part of numerous kayak and diving adventures. Carried a multitude of tools and spare parts as a call-out vehicle . I have also run her using all different types of fuel ranging from pump diesel, farm diesel, paraffin and home made diesel (chip fat and palm oil). Once in a pinch I even managed to make it home on a blend of petrol, engine and two-stroke outboard oil.

Together we have delivered 33 diesel engines and gearboxes for the marine fishing industry. Towed 2 x 11 ton 800kw generator sets into position in a basement parking lot, towed a few trailer mounted gen sets to sites, my brothers boat from place to place as well as helped pull out 3 boats and trailers stuck on the local slip way. Helped 9 people move house and towed my dads old camper/cars 7 times (even to a camp site and back once). Carried approximately 17 tons of fire wood, 11 tons of cement, stone, sand and building rubble.

We have also been through three proper prangs. I rear ended a small car. I fell asleep behind the wheel one night then hit a overpass bridge base. In the last incident I was hit by a 18 wheeler container truck whilst I was stationary at a intersection. All with miner damage and no injuries. All the listed above does not include all the miscellaneous items like stranded or broken down bikes, scooter, various pot plants,wood, engine parts, friends, holidays and assorted items loaded and moved from time to time.

Its scary to think she has Used 43 oil filters 51 fuel filters and around 265lt of oil with a estimate of around 42 000Lt of fuel consumed.

Looking back at that day when I ordered her in 2007 it seems so long ago, its hard to believe we have come so far and shared so many experiences together. It also seems strange that one can develop a relationship with a chunk of engineered steel and plastic. Its just the amount of time and great moments in and around that car.

Ranger Sea View

Am I being a bit silly about this all?  But its just a car right! Or is there more too it? She may not be the best looking, the latest model or the fastest around, but who really cares as I do know one thing that she has been there from the offset. She is dependable and has delivered more than I could possibly ask for, even when pushed way passed design. What if I could bend the rules a bit and with a little stretch of the imagination, I then could without reservation call this car, MY FRIEND.

Actually thinking about it like this I cant see myself selling her any time soon. Decision made!  So I replaced my worn out 4×4 tires with smoother tread road tires.

F Ranger Road Tire

Who knows what the future holds, I just hope I have made the correct decision. I feel that striking a balance between pure numbers and sentiment was the right call. How could I turn my back on something that has worked so well for me in the past.


If you have any item whether it be a simple knife or any tool that is just very familiar to you or something that you may even call “lucky” please share with me in the comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this strange story.



12 thoughts on “The Anatomy of Friendship

  1. You’re right. It’s a truck. And while I have become attached to the vehicles I’ve had over my lifetime — keeping them 10 -12 years each — (currently quite smitten with my 1989 Honda CRX), all I can think to say to you is this: If you ever get married, I hope you’ll put this much thought into the investment of time and history you’ve put into your marriage when someone younger comes along with a “better offer”. Lol, but serious.

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    • In my experience I have found that people who cheat on their wives and leave them is nothing more than self medication of ones ego. Its not so much a physical desire as we would like to believe but more of a play on insecurities. As much as it hurts to be cheated on, if that person can put all the betrail and hurt aside and look into their partner they will find what insecurity has caused the issue in the first place. This is why if a person has cheated once chances are they will eventually cheat again unless they can find the insecuraty that is driving them to do so in the first place. If you have been cheated on and left it is so easy to think its all your fault and its most often not the case, but that situation can then lead you into becoming insecure as well having trust issues in the future. Its a self perpetuating cycle that can make life very difficult if you let it. This then can spill over into the next relashionship as well as feed insecuraties in your partner. In this day and age some people still belive a piece of paper will insure that you will have a totally commited partner for life. This is simply not the case. Couples need to grow together as well as be aware of each others needs and woes. Insecurities can manifest later in ones life and we should all be aware of these changes.A man running off with a younger woman while in his 40’s is a classic example of this. Woman and men alike are put under ever more pressure to furfil todays expectations, it is crusial that we remain pressent as well as self aware. I have been cheated on a few times and lets be honest, it sucks. However looking back I can clearly see the issues that let to it. Before I get married I will do the best I can to insure that I have done the very best i can to be as whole as possible as well as insure that my partner is secure within herself. After the big day we will both have to work to insure that our union stays vibrant and healthy as possible even when things dont go according to plan. Then again I could be talking total BS and you should never believe everything you read on the internet. ( I made this short as possible so I have missed out on some points and examples but i hope it makes sense) Thank you for the great comments.

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      • Thank you for your considered response. What you’ve said does make sense in an era when people give in to their in securities at the expense of their promises. To my way of thinking, insecurities don’t justify cheating after promising faithfulness. Every act is a choice, and if a person hasn’t got the self-discipline to resist temptation and make a choice not to cheat, that’s a character flaw, not an insecurity. I’ve never married primarily because so many men consider marriage to be disposable. (Perhaps women do, too, but that’s not part of my experience.) But I have been on both sides of the cheating issue (without having made any promises of faithfulness), and, for my own part, I’d have to admit it was a selfish choice, based on not caring what the fallout might be — not because of any insecurity, although I acknowledge I’ve had my share of those, too. I just can’t condone making excuses for bad behavior. 😉

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  2. Man. I just sold my 1986 Nissan pickup for this cross country move. I loved that truck. It had 57,000 miles when I bought it a few years ago. It had 106,000 when I sold it. Countless loads, traffic, etc. with it. I’m going to miss it. Every vehicle where I’m going that is over 10 years old is rusty. I’ll never find an ’86.

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    • Sometimes we have to do things that suck. Man that’s a really good example, but I assume you had to do it for your family and the move. I would like to say you never know what lays ahead but that does not really help. Thank you for the comment.


  3. A true friend indeed and Oh if she could talk !!! Metal and plastic or muscle and bone, we are all one really – so many adventures and experiences amid the half a million km’s. She has my grateful thanks too for more than one occasion 🙂 🙂

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  4. I had a similar love for my first car, which I drove to either end of Canada and had about 400,000 kms on her before she gave up the ghost in spectacular fashion, blowing a piston (is that a thing? I’m terrible at cars. But blowing something serious) straight out of the engine with such force that it dented the hood. I was in the middle of nowhere, on my way home for Thanksgiving and I had to call my parents to come and get me 2 hours away. I was so broke that I traded what was left of the car for the tow. The ultimate indignity was that when my parents arrived to get me we just happened to get on the road right behind the tow truck and had to follow my car as she was towed to the chop shop. Sad day lol.

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