Graduation Day 2016

Parents with me on Graduation Day

Graduation Day 15 June 2016, I received my Bsc Environmental Management & Zoology degree through correspondence studying at the  University of South Africa (UNISA).

I didn’t think the day would ever arrive.

5 years later studying part time, 30 subjects passed, 93 assignments submitted and many exams written. I was presented a single piece of paper in my hands  with a conferring ceremony symbolizing I had completed the degree. What an amazing & yet unreal feeling it was … in fact still doesn’t feel real.

Through all my years of studying for it I battled and conquered my nemesis (Chemistry)  and have shown commitment to work independently and all round dedication to complete this degree.

I am grateful for the massive support I had from my parents, my mother in particular who edited and checked numerous assignments before submitting, making sure everything was corrected and best as could be. Her endless support, motivation and forgiveness  as well as understanding of times I couldn’t attend something with her because I had to study was always noticed and appreciated.

Lastly not forgetting Dan who continued to support and encourage me, when I thought I had nothing left within me to carry on. Always seeing a solution with every obstacle I faced and motivating me to see the wood through the trees. His comforting words always re centering me and giving me a new head to face my subjects with. Never forgotten.

Mom, Dad & Dan you have earned an equal share in this degree with me as you all have traveled the long road along side me. I couldn’t have achieved what I have without all of you behind me, cheering me on when the crowds had left! I can’t thank and express my appreciation enough but know I am eternally every grateful.


19 thoughts on “Graduation Day 2016

  1. Wonderful!..Congratulations my dear fellow blogger 🙂 It must be an amazing feel. I did the walk on 1st May 2016 and I was all teared up out of joy at that time. Thank you sharing this happy news with us. Way to go!!!

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