Left Turn

Smits Isuzu

Sundays are a time that most people either visit their families or simply go for a drive. This Sunday I am waiting for the go- ahead to help retrieve this car. I am not a tow truck operator, however I enjoy rigging and climbing so as I live in the area I sometimes get a call to lend a hand (I suspect it may be because I don’t mind carrying cable and chains up a hill).

Part Point

Its the second car to in two weeks!


The first car managed to somehow fly from the top right of the picture (where the truck is) all the way to the water at the bottom Left .(Next to the n in my name)

Par Piont 2

It took nearly two days just to get the first car out the water. I am happy to say both drivers are ok.

Drive Safe. Dan


6 thoughts on “Left Turn

    • Hello. I am not sure to be honest.( I try not to get involved in the drama side of it) Sometimes things just happen. Lets go with that. All involved are ok and managed to get the car out today with no oil spill or plastic left behind. Thank you for your comment. I hope hear from you on my next post. Dan

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      • Yes …Yes …maybe it’s best not to ask too many questions re how these vehicles keep driving off the edge of a cliff:D:D:D …..at least no’one is hurt like you say …and environmental impact kept to a minimum:)

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    • Hello. Great to meet someone from my own turf. I really enjoy your blog and your really great pictures. Funny how we have probably walked past each other a few times and not even known it. Thank you for taking the time to look at our little blog/digital diary . Dan


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