Most of us have seen the survivor type programs on TV. If not let me explain. Its a show that has a host (normally ex military) with a supporting crew of around 15 videographer’s, sound, safety and catering crew that embark on a “single handed” struggle for survival in some remote location, that is normally just off some easy access dirt road. In this Show we will see how the host fights the effects of various environmental challenge’s between takes. Forging dangerous ravines and canyons  (that you would normally walk around) and for viewer entertainment the unnecessary eating of a myriad of creepy crawlies, rambling on about the essential fats and protein from each animal.

All these types of programs are steeped in the “what should you do type scenario”. With around 70% of the worlds population living in urban areas and the balance very seldom finding themselves shipwrecked on some desert island. I don’t see how these types of programs are still relevant.(Honestly I am getting a bit tired of seeing a guy whittle two sticks thus miraculously making a boat to find rescue). I would be hard pressed to leave a island with shelter and fresh water to spend my last days drifting around sun burnt, sea sick and sleep deprived. Then again, that’s just me.

I have always thought that the toughest survival challenges we face today are in fact more urban based. With this in mind, how long would a guy last if he was dropped in some foreign city with nothing but his wits? No passport, ID book or qualifications, nothing to his name. Homeless, alone and without employment how long would it be before you walked passed him curled up in a gutter, hopeless and desperate.

Somewhere in our vast history of evolution we made a wrong turn. At some stage we decided not to judge a man on character or virtue but rather by the coin in his pocket. Survival challenges are no longer finding food and shelter in the typical sense, more about making sure you manage to make enough money to retire. Poverty as well as lack of broad based education are the leading threats to our environment and in turn humanity. Historically we would roam in small groups, each and every person fulfilling their role in the tribe. Each member a key component to the survival of the group as a whole. Now we have thousands of over qualified people applying to the same menial position. As population densities rage ever higher each day I am surprised that the statistics for crime , domestic violence as well as substance abuse are not much higher. Then again would the harsh reality and truth of this be to much to watch in the name of entertainment.

All being said this is just my humble opinion.




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