Time Travel

Chopping Wood

I am a big fan of the simple art of chopping wood. Some would say its a type of meditation. There is something very simple and honest about collecting and chopping your own pile of wood, ready to warm those cold hands or cook that perfect meal. I enjoy reading the grain of the wood, the rhythmic thwacking, the sweet sound your axe makes when you choreograph the perfect blow and finally the satisfaction of a job well done.

I tend to do about a hour or two at a time, slowly working my way through the task at hand. When the urge to chop hits me I normally put on a old pair of boots, a T shirt and some shorts. This helps stay nice and cool and anyway I am not a big fan of long pants and avoid it if at all possible.

One such day I was about 3/4 of the way through and Fiona popped in to visit. She knows to let me finish as I hate to stop until I am done. Plopping herself down on a stump she proceeded to tell me about her day ,all the twists and turns, ups and downs. It was at this moment, nearly on my last piece that a sizable chunk of wood flew of the chopping stump and hit me in the shin. As if laser guided hitting square and solid just millimeters above the top of my boot.

I instantly dropped to the floor, curled up into the fetal position clutching the affected limb. At this point I would like to mention that many people have debated if time travel is in fact possible. I think it may. Why? Because at this moment time stops, it transports you to a far away place, all one can think about is the white hot spear like pain that washes over you. You become totally present and focused. How did it happen? Reimagining the event frame by frame. I have entered the singularity.. or have I? Have I chipped the bone, it sure hurts more than when I broke my arm. Best I have a look. Oh gross…. it looks like a piece of bone, could it be? No don’t be silly it cant be. Nope its just a flap of fleshy skin with a bit of fat. Nothing some cleaning and a bit of tape cant fix, its all good. Now I end my time traveling experience and resume normal speed. As if coming to the surface the pain subsides to a bearable plateau, all I can hear is one thing.

Fiona is laughing, now when I say laughing I mean the kind of laughing that you only see in the movies or on a silly clip show. Laughing so hard that it seems that breathing is becoming a issue. Laughing so hard she is having to prop herself up. I have no choice but to join in, admittedly slowly at first. Looking back it must have looked very funny to watch this 6ft 5inch,110kg guy fall to the ground like a pile of dirty laundry. Especially since she probably saw it coming a mile off….Cheeky Monkey.

This refresher coarse reminded me of the following life lessons.

1. I cant do two things at the same time. Its a fact. Talking and chopping wood don’t mix.

2. I have the weakest most sensitive shins in the world. I must protect them when ever possible.

3. Even though it hurts something awful at the time, it will pass. Deal with it.

4. Any crash landing you walk away from is a good landing,(I could have barked myself with the axe, that would have been unpleasant to say the least.)

Have you ever hurt yourself in a silly way then laughed about it at the time or later, Have those experiences taught you anything?  If so please feel free to share your story. Thank you for dropping by. Dan


17 thoughts on “Time Travel

      • Hey Dude

        A great read, I could smell the split wood.

        Had a similar experience doing two things at once. Walking and Juggling a recently sharpened hand axe. Also does not mix well. It was fun/exciting throwing a dangerous weapon in the air watching the handle pirouette around the heaver head to a predictable position to be caught. Till I missed the handle and snicked my onside wicket. At the time I do not know what worried my me more, the gash in my let or the story I would need to tell my folks. Nice memory.


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  1. Word of advice – bend your knees at the time of impact. Adds more for more force and protects your shins.

    It’s really a whole-body workout. It’s amazing how good I feel after chopping a big pile. If you want cardio, chop faster!

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  2. Maybe you should switch to fishing when you have the urge to meditate. As meditative outdoor activities go, it’s less dangerous than chopping wood….unless you venture offshore, in which case, you may run into something that might give Fiona an even bigger laugh! 🙂

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    • Ha ha yes. I know this sounds boring but I tend to not really like fishing unless I am going to eat it. I do how ever enjoy swimming and free diving. Because of my interests and were we live we tend to see lots of sharks and rays on our adventures. If you have a look at our moments tab you will see some home videos. You may like the We are the people and Winter swimming. Lots of fish. Thank you for the comment and for stopping by. Dan

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    • Hello. Great to see you around again!
      Thank you for the very kind words it really means a lot to get feedback from you guys.(Even if its not want I would like to hear) I find it all very constructive. As for the photos I like to only use pictures that we take as I like to keep our simple little blog “real” so to speak. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Dan


  3. I’m pretty sure our shins are two of the most sensitive parts of our bodies when it comes to being struck by something hard. The bone is so close to the surface. The pain is excruciating.

    I also have a theory about what’s happening when time seems to slow down at times like these. The human brain normally registers something like 400 billion bits of information a second, but we’re conscious of only about 2,000. So our sense of time passing tells us 1 second = 2,000 bits of information. I think when we are in life-threatening danger or shocked by some impact that doesn’t kill us outright, our brains actually register many more of the 400 billion bits, but our sense of time is still saying, “2,000 bits = 1 second,” so everything seems to take up to 200 million times longer than normal. You register almost everything, so you really feel present, and time slows down.

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    • Hello Sue. Yes I have some theory’s on that myself. In the way we perceive time. I wont get into that at this stage but I totally agree with your thoughts. I will say if we really want to live a long full life the secret lies in our experience’s and how present we are in those moments. If you want to add meaning and fulfillment to ones life its in the richness of the time. Its not a airy fairy thing its a brain chemistry secret. As I said I wont babble on with this so I will leave it at that. Thank you for taking the time to look at our blog/digital diary. I hope to see more comments from you. Dan

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  4. Hi, Dan. I’m happy to know another time-perception theorist. I’ll enjoy hearing more when you’re ready to tell it. So many of us believe we’re in the moment just because we aren’t thinking of the past or worrying about the future at that particular time, but we’re actually wandering through the moment without being aware of much more than, well, the 2,000 bits of information our brains don’t seem to be able to shut out. lol.

    I’m sure I’ll be back to visit and comment. I’ve read your “Who We Are” section, but I’m curious what led you to share a blog.

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    • Hello Sue. Not thinking of the past or worrying about the future does defiantly not make us present, not by a long shot. If that were in fact true a person heavily medicated that is on the very edge of consciousness would then by definition be present. That’s simply not true. That’s just my humble opinion anyway.
      The reason I share a blog is…. Well a very good question. I am not a man of any real importance nor have I amounted to anything spectacular in terms of social norms. I truly don’t think anything I could say would be worth reading on a global type scenario. I do however do some interesting things as well have lived a very seasoned life with many twists and turns. I wanted to find a platform I could share the odd thing or two with my friends that I don’t see day to day. Face Book would be the normal route however I really don’t like FB and especially what it has become (FB is the digital representation of the life we WISH we had). I am also not really a guy who likes to stand out I would rather be the one who helps facilitate another persons success. I am quite happy to help on the sidelines rather than be in the spotlight. So WordPress came to mind and as I do spend a fair amount of time with Fiona it made sense for us to team up. As I mentioned before our intent was not to gain followers but just a digital diary of our memories, funny thing is that my friends don’t really follow me… but I am so surprised that others have!!!! I am really blown away that people would be interested in what we have to say. I hope this answers you question if you would like to know any more please feel free to ask. Dan

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      • Thanks for responding so thoughtfully, Dan. I know what you mean about Facebook, but I have also found it a very pleasant way to interact with many people from my youth with humor and love. Maybe it helps that we’re old enough to be honest with one another and just enjoy our foibles. It’s also made it easy to stay in touch with children from my son’s youth, watching them grow up, get married, and have families of their own.

        It seems to me what happens here is more conducive to reflecting on our own lives — looking deeper — but at the same time, there seems to be an awful lot of self-promotion and a greater chance we’re just talking to our selves. Sycophantic mindlessness seems to permeate the comments of those with vast numbers of followers, bestowing them with inexplicable celebrity within the isolated blogging pond. I don’t pretend to understand the appeal.

        I enjoy well-told stories with insight — or maybe just some belly laughs. That’s what I’ve liked about yours so far. Maybe that’s what’s attracted others as well.

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      • Hey, I was thinking about the comment you made about some of the WordPress crew thinking they are some type of celebrity in this pool of readers.. If you look on You Tube I am sure you will find a 30 second sec clip of some kitten sneezing. (32mil views and 4 mil likes) so if a blogger thinks they have cracked it with 2000follows and even 2000 likes per post its all a bit sad really is it not. I find people tend to get a bit over excited when it comes to their self image. Perception and what we find important in this short life we lead needs a little calibration from time to time.

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