We Are The People

For the last two years I have been able to witness a very strange phenomenon. Winter is the time when Great White Sharks move from inshore, along the beaches, to the feeding grounds off Seal Island, South Africa, where they feed on young seal (Cape Fur Seals) pups.

Last year towards Winter they pulled a vanishing act for approximately 50 days and it seems that this year it will be the same, if not longer. Many experts have put their theories forward. The one that seems to be most accepted is that they are being harassed by a pod of Orcas (Killer whales). This seems to add up as we have seen them in the bay around the time of the last Great White sighting. Adding validity this theory there has been a spate of Cow Sharks( 7 Gilled Cow Shark) been found dead with their livers removed. I personally have seen large bull seals attack sharks and eat their livers so it makes sense to me that this is in fact possible if not plausible that Orcas are targeting the same food source. This means that the mystical Great White Shark could in fact lose its pole position as the Apex predator!

Winter is normally the time of year when I try make full use of the safer swimming and free diving conditions exploring new and deeper spots in clearer water without having to look over my shoulder all the time. However this year it really does seem especially quiet. I normally spend way to much time diving and looking at the various species of shark to the point that I recognise a few regulars. Even the spotted gully sharks are hard to find and non of the similar faces are were they are supposed to be. It shows that even now days with everything we know we still have lots to learn about our natural world.

With the governments of the world trying to screw us, souring unemployment as well as many other sad truths about this world we live in, it is all too easy to become a bit negative. Anyone who knows me well, knows, I choose to look at things in a positive light. Glass-half-full type of chap. I like to take this idea into everything I do even day to day work. We only get one life and sure not everything is a breeze, but hell why not make it fun and enjoyable as possible. If at all possible do what you enjoy and enjoy what you are doing.

This long story brings me to my point. Most people would shudder at the thought of getting out in our winter, no doubt its cold, wet and sometimes windy but I have had some really great times huddled up clenching a “cuppa” with frozen hands. Silly moments in a hypothermic stupor with a good serving of awesome company make for great times. Its so easy to fall pray to the seductive temptress known as my couch next to the TV. You cant buy real adventure and you cant experience life channel surfing. Fiona and I both know we have never regretted a cold swim, it just can be hard to motivate oneself in the moment.

I cant control nature or the government but I can choose how I spend my days. I know that if I choose to just sit back I would never have been able to put this little home video together. This is just a few moments as of late that we have managed to share between studies, jobs and general life. Each moment a great memory that we were lucky enough to share. So even though there are no real sharks in the bay, job prospects are looking frail to say the least. Just getting out when we could made all these moments a reality. Choose to live life. Choose to make the most of what you have, with what you have ,when you can.

Hope you enjoy




8 thoughts on “We Are The People

    • Hello Tammi. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I apologize for my late reply. I was away over the weekend. (No phones etc)
      That cage is called the Pod. I was asked to help modify it for use in water for a TV program.It was made with terrestrial animals in mind.( Polar bears, lions etc) It was used for the series, Predators up close with Joel Lambert. It was a real pain to transport as once it was deployed off the deck for the shoot, we had to drag it home behind the boat(really slow around 5kph in good weather)
      This took hours and hours coming home in the dark long after everyone else was done for the day. The awesome moment was getting it to act surf behind the boat. This shaved 4 hours off the trip so I was super happy about that. It was act a great time and met some really great people. It was a tough challenge that lots of people said was impossible but we managed to get a great result in the end.. Glad you enjoyed my home video, it is special to us as its our little memories. Thanks Again. Dan


  1. Intrigued by all this information on the great whites and their movements, and also the video footage. Keep posting please in this format! It’s a lot more dynamic than stills. This is all inspiring stuff – and your work on the ‘Pod’ for filming the documentary on the top predators. Has it already aired in SA? I see it a Discovery channel production.
    Sure you will be following Craig Fosters’ work, this cold water diving must be acquired through attitude and discipline? I’m in awe – well done to you both.
    Hope you have positive results in your job seeking.

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    • Hello, Yes it has aired on DSTV a little while ago. I often joked that a program could be made on the travels of the pod. It was great fun as well as a awesome challenge. Wow its a very small town…. I was act in partnership with Craig for three years developing the “cold water swimming” as well as a few other avenues we were exploring. We were working on a book and some film variants of that theme. We have since then gone our separate ways. On the job front I was more expressing that times are not easy but we should always look at the upturns in life. I appreciate the comment on the video side of things as I often Think its not worth posting.


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