Life’s Hurdle’s


My “Whoops”Moment

Some times in life, things don’t go to plan. At the time they may seem like big issues. More often than not, when we look back we can simply laugh them off.


6 thoughts on “Life’s Hurdle’s

    • Thank you for the great comment, its much appreciated. FYI, I had just put the shark into tonic immobility, its a trance like state that happens when you over stimulate the Ampullae of lorenzini on the sharks nose. This makes for easy handling. On the way to the surface it must have picked up on some stress or electrical disturbance that snapped him awake. From totally hypnotized to thrashing shark in a heartbeat. I tried to get my hand back to his nose in a attempt to re hypnotize, but wow was he mad at me. So like I said sometimes things don’t go to plan. Good thing is I have learned some great methods now so I don’t get surprised like that again.(Also totally unnecessary stress for the shark and that’s the last thing I want). Thanks Again for the comment.

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  1. You’re very welcome. Glad that you weren’t injured! That’s really incredible that you know how to do that kind of thing. If my family ever makes it to South Africa, I’ll have to ask for a lesson…speaking of which, my wife would like to know if that move works on crazy, never-run-outta-energy toddlers! lol

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    • I would make a terrible tour guide however if your family ever did venture this way I would defiantly give you the low down on what to do were to stay. It could save you some funds etc ( I know how you like to plan for you F.I ). As for the shark story I would be glad to show you. Just think if you could do that to kids. Oh the bliss. Ha Ha Ha.

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