Brief two days in Tasmania

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Tasmania, getting the chance to have a family catch up as well as include some sight seeing whilst there. The minute I landed, I had a weird yet calming sensation run through. I instantly fell in love with the place. The beautiful, undulating hills with thick forest, the fresh cold air, rural yet busy enough to not feel isolated and the wildness about the place.  This was the furthest South I had ever been on the world map, and I could feel it. It was a wonderful feeling, wild coastline with the odd scattered housing across the land, among them beautiful farmland and forestry could be seen for miles.

Staying in Hobart, I instantly felt at home with the place & was so excited to explore and yet at the same time, I wish was was staying longer than two days. Staying up on Tolman’s Hill was absolutely magnificent. Over looking the Derwent River & Harbour. Simply breath taking & peaceful.

Saturday morning I woke up early & Sean (my cousin) decided it would be a good idea to go up to Mount Wellington as soon as possible as the weather was clear & very few clouds in the sky. He said the views up there would be beyond amazing & would also give me perspective on the area & where everything is in relation to the mountain. He was spot on with everything, 1250m above sea level & 6 degrees we were up on Mount Wellington taking in the sights, smells and vast space. After spending some time there we left to go visit the well known Salamanca Market, after spending 3 hours browsing around & shopping till I dropped, it was off to lunch in Peppermint Bay. A fabulous restaurant overlooking the water, with rolling green lawns.

Sunday brought around some winter weather, so I was pleased that I managed to tick Mount Wellington off our list in the short amount of time we were there. I visited MONA (Museum of New & Old Modern Art) what a powerful, insightful place. Thoroughly enjoyed it & it spoke 1000 words for me. Interesting and certainly very unique pieces of art. Not your typical museum that’s for sure!! We then went for lunch at Coal River Farm near Richmond, where I bought a few wooden items. We then spent the afternoon just catching up on family news and memories, which was very special & so needed!

I immediately fell in love with Hobart & was very sad to leave after just spending two days there, its a place I could happily return to.  I certainly hope to in the future.

Flying back to Sydney I continue the last week of my holiday. Can’t believe 3 weeks are nearly up, but at the same time I am looking forward to arriving back home.



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