Day at Tinbinbella

I spent the better part of my day wondering around the beautiful walk ways of Tinbinbella in Canberra, taking in the majestic space that surrounded me the thick bush and immense wildlife. Although I must admit I was not able to see all of the wildlife it has to offer purely because of great camouflage on the animals part, of perhaps maybe my poor animal finding eye sight, I am not sure!

However we were able to see Koalas in the Eucalyptus tree, sleeping whilst another one was quietly eating. After doing a loop walk called the Koala path , I quickly spotted a Wallaby eating food outs the trays provided by the park, who simply stared at me, the food clearly too good to give a miss. The bird life here is truly amazing and to think they are all wild. Cockatoo’s are a plenty breaking off the bark of trees & eating loads of flowers, leaves and pretty much anything else they think they can eat they will!


The Gippsland Water Dragon is a beautiful lizzard which we spotted sun baking on the banks of a little pond. Such a beautiful lizzard, gives our one’s back home some competition both in colour and size.

Taking a walk around various ponds not only did we hear the calls of Kookaburras along with various other bird species, we were lucky enough to keep our eyes focused on what was a stream of bubbles going around one of the ponds. Up popped a Platypus! I was delighted, despite not knowing much about these prehistoric looking creatures my instant reaction was not only to take a glimpse of this animal as he/she surfaced but to snap an image off on my camera at the same time. A success it was! To add to our growing list of spotted animals we saw two Pelicans, once again I was in absolute awe and amazement of how beautiful these birds truly are.

Lunch was calling and we stopped by a shady bench which was in the echo of a valley and had our picnic which we had assembled before departing this morning. Filling our tummy’s with great food and our souls with the silence yet fullness of the nature that surrounded us I was now in heaven! Being surrounded by nature is absolute bliss for me.

Lastly while heading home we came across a Red Belly Black Snake carefully maneuvering across the busy road, trying to avoid contact with a car’s tyre, it successfully crossed the road where it disappeared into the grasses. Magnificent sight and great way to end the trip home.

I truly enjoyed wondering around, spotting and keeping an eye open for the unexpected to pop up. A day spent with nature is a day not forgotten.

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