Cryptozoology: The Study of “Hidden” Animals

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What whiffles through the tulgey wood? What serpents glide the ocean deep? Is there a monster in your loch? Is the creature leaving unnaturally large offerings in your pussy’s litter tray a phantom cat? According to cryptozoologists, it very well may be!

That or your husband got blind drunk again…

The Study of Hidden Animals

beware of bigfoot

The field of cryptozoology is a fascinating one because it involves the not-so scientific study of large animals that are so elusive, only a couple of rednecks have reported seeing them. Each country in the world has its fair share of folklore and myths, yet some of these legends transcend idle chatter around the dinner table… some become the lifelong pursuits of people whose ambition it is to provide real evidence supporting them.

There are many organisations around the world that are dedicated to the collection of evidence, anecdotes and hundred dollar bills for the study of…

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