Sunny Sunday

Seeing as we are beginning to experience longer & warmer days, Dan & I spent Sunday making full use of the benefits that Summer brings.

Summer on its way!

Summer on its way!

We spent the larger portion of the day being outdoors, surf kayaking & swimming. However not forgetting about eating & enjoying great tasting food, whilst having fun.

The conditions were not ideal for surf kayaking & as a result I decided to give it a miss, instead taking opportunity of being photographer while Dan gave it a bash.
After enjoying some delicious “boerewors” rolls. Afterwards we both decided to brave the murky waters to have a swim. We were hoping to come across a short tail sting ray or even a spotted gully shark, sadly we never came across anything. In fact there was no sign on life, apart from the various kelps & sea grass!! Getting out proved tricky for me whilst entertaining at the same time. Thankfully I didn’t hurt myself. Dan got out with such ease and gracefulness, however this was quite the opposite in my case. Having to scramble over the rocks to get out, I mistimed the set of swells and soon found myself like a beached whale rolling with the waves over the rocks landing on the shore. Still smiling I managed to compose myself and walk out, suffering only from minor scrapes & bruises to my legs.

Ready, Steady, Go

Ready, Steady, Go

It never the less was a wonderful day spent out in the sunshine. Only the start of what is going to be a wonderful Summer ahead.

Wave Dance ...

Wave Dance …

Fi 🙂

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